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Tozeret Ha’aretz was established in 2012 to create young communities that will relocate to Israel’s socio-geographic periphery and put down their roots.

The organization coordinates more than 600 students and young families that have taken up residence in nine cities and towns across the country. In recent years, the organization has established over 40 different communities, preschools for the children born to graduates of the program, and dozens of social and business ventures in the towns and cities of operation.

Student Communities Across Israel

Live in a community

Contribute to the society

Up to 16,000₪ yearly scholarship

Live in a community

Today, Tozeret Ha’aretz has spread to cities such as Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, Pardes Katz (Beney-Brak), Kiryat Malachi, Rahat, Sderot, Netivot, Lod the Nahal-Oz Kibbutz.

Our vision is to promote social justice and social equality in Israel’s most underdeveloped and troubled areas. We believe that the young generation holds the key for social change, and therefore began the enterprise of creating young mission-driven communities in these specific places. Our community members volunteer and by doing so influence the lives of children, adolescents, senior citizens, and thousands of residents in the Jewish and Arab society.

The significant and evident impact made by Tozeret Ha’aretz couldn’t have been accomplished without our partners, both governmental, philanthropic and business oriented. If you share our vision of a strong civic society, join us in changing the future of Israel. Become a partner and help us grow and evolve to fulfill our vision of social change.

"If you are students who want to do things in a different way, you're looking for new friendships and meaning - your place is with us"
Shay Ilan
Community Manager in Pardes Katz
"The city of Lod reminded me how powerful we are together as a society, and how much beauty there is in living in a supportive cummunity"
Inbar Lavi
Student in Lod community
Yuval Bdolah​

Founder & CEO of Tozeret Israel​

"It is important to remember that our society is composed of a big variety of individuals. We must work together in order to build a powerful society. We must start today."

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